YT-XS Light Hauler - Marketplace

A makeshift marketplace created by landing 2 YT-XS Light Hauler's on a regular industrial landing pad.

Showing the diverse range of occupations that own this ship desides the big corporate mining company.
From farmers setting up food stalls to sell their crops to scrap and parts haulers that make a living from selling and refurbishing old machines or parts.

Also showing the dirty conditions these people live and work in and how to local work force, that would visits these markets, would dress and look like.

Jordi van hees market beauty render 007 jpeg smaller

Beauty Render

Jordi van hees ship landed compressed

YT-XS Light Hauler Landed Turntable

Jordi van hees market platform og compressed

Market Platform Set-up Turntable

Jordi van hees market beauty render gif smaller compressed 120

Process GIF